[Medium] A Millennial's Take on The Year of Spectacular Men

As a 25-year-old female caught in a quintessential quarter-life crisis who perpetually asks herself, “what the hell am I doing with my existence?” I think it’s safe to say that The Year of Spectacular Men is meant for viewers just like me. Which is a particularly interesting observation, considering my current state of perplexity surrounding it. Is this a film one should love to hate? Or a film one should hate to love?

Perhaps love is too powerful a word for it entirely. To round it up in one straightforward sentence, this motion picture is the stuff of millennial fantasies, adorned with a charismatic cast and almost dream-like plot mentality. For its target audience, it rocks, and will most certainly go on to hurriedly cement itself into the everlasting category of feel-good flicks. Yet, where it loses you is in the narrow bubble of wealth and luxury of aimless opportunities it perpetuates.

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Ayurella Horn-Muller