[Film Threat] Ocean's 8

A rallying cry for long-awaited gender equality is growing in strength off the back of the ongoing #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. Beginning in 2017 with the infamous Harvey Weinstein scandal that set off a nationwide campaign, our screens have been filled with the faces of countless courageous women who have stood up and spoke out against sexual harassment – past and present – by men abusing positions of power.

Empowered by the voices of a community tired of victimization, women across America (and throughout the world) continue to push for equality, which disturbingly is still not something wholly allocated to both sexes in the United States Constitution. As an era of change sparked by pent-up frustration over predatory behavior charges forward, the lack of principal female representation in classically male-dominated industries is finding itself under scrutiny. Predictably, one of these paternally governed institutions is, in fact, the old stomping ground of Weinstein himself – Hollywood.

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Ayurella Horn-Muller