[Elephant Journal] Words of Advice for Aspiring Nomads

Time brings about change all on its own; travel isn’t a prerequisite for that. So, what has made all the struggle of living overseas worthwhile?

Four years of exploring new places, and I’ve learned what it means to adapt.

Born with a fear of pretty much everything and everyone, I used to be narrow-minded. What I didn’t already like, I didn’t try. Who I didn’t know I would get along with, I avoided. When I didn’t know I would succeed, I would do whatever I could to not fail.

Whereas many suitcases and passport stamps later, I can confidently say that what was once closed is now open. My entire perspective of new people, places, and things has dramatically shifted. Although I still don’t have a taste for sushi, can at times clash with other strong personalities, and am unable to say that I enjoy the feeling of failure, I have become the type of person who routinely ventures out of my comfort zone.

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Ayurella Horn-Muller