[Rootstrap] How to Find an App Developer: Your Guide to Hiring Talent

You’ve done it. That brilliant, one-of-a-kind idea has conceptualized from slight notion to thoroughly thought-out action plan. You are sure that this app will solve a problem in a way that no others have done before. You’re ready to make a splash in an over-crowded market with no product offering quite like yours.

But in order to reach that goal, you’ll need to see this blueprint through, from start to launch. Nothing, or no one, is singularly more important now than the person which you hire to deliver this dream idea for you. You thought the ideation was difficult? Welcome to one of the hardest journeys of any entrepreneur’s venture into the startup world: finding an app developer.   

The hunt for an app developer is one of the most stressing and exhilarating roles of any mobile app development. Identifying the perfect blend of talent, innovation, and vision in a seasoned developer takes a certain finesse that many first-time business owners don’t naturally possess. If you are in the mind space of “I need an app developer…where do I even begin?” – you’re not alone. 

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Ayurella Horn-Muller