[The Coffee Compass] The Alchemist Pours Black Gold in Wilton Manors, Florida

We spend our lives searching for our destiny, while the universe conspires to help us achieve it. At least, this is the way of the world in Paulo Coelho’s internationally bestselling book The Alchemist. Such a reminder is artfully depicted on the wall of an enchanting cafe which shares its namesake with the very book it draws decorative inspiration from. 

Sitting in the heart of Wilton Manors, an avant-garde city in the greater Miami metropolitan area, The Alchemist boasts an eclectic smattering of design and visuals to accompany an extraordinary coffee-tasting experience. This place of tranquil escape is framed by an outdoor garden where plants outnumber people and scattered splashes of color enchant the eye. At the entrance a lounging cat stretches out, paws outstretched as he languishingly claims an entire rickety, wooden table as his midday bed. In all of its vintage glory hangs a colossally empty birdcage, laced up into the intricate canopy of tree trunks hovering close by. Brightly hued umbrellas dot the landscape, providing seating and shelter from the sunshine beaming down from above.

Walk further in, and your vision is assaulted by an artful disarray of knick-knacks decorating the walls surrounding an outdoor roasting station. Here is where a team of fresh-faced baristas, who hand-deliver your drink to you with a smile, roast aromatic coffee beans that help make the spot so adored.

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Ayurella Horn-Muller