[The Coffee Compass] An Unexpected Romance

The sharp ringing of a morning alarm blares through the soothing darkness. Groaning in sleep-deprivation, I blindly throw one arm out to hit snooze.“15 more minutes…” I mumble out loud, falling back into a warm cocoon of deliciously lush blankets. This dance with time continues, a subtle flirtation with personal willpower. Abruptly, I bolt awake to a telltale sun peeking through heavy bedroom curtains. A resigned sigh escapes a weary mouth as I accept with unwavering certainty that yet again I am late.

Welcome to my morning routine. For more than ten years, this was how I greeted the promise of every new day. With a serving of procrastination, poured with treacherously poor time management. Ten years saw little ol’ me acknowledging each morning with adverse actions, which undoubtedly encouraged a similar mindset.

And then one day I met him. He was always there, behind the scenes. Never more than casual acquaintances, he represented a world to me that I did not understand. But just one taste and I couldn’t stop coming back for more. By allowing him into my life, my daily routine, I sprung into mornings of new possibilities. It was the relationship of the century, unlike any love I had ever known before.

He was my daily dose of espresso macchiato. The frothy goodness of a carefully crafted latte. The smell of roasted coffee and the bubbling sound of an old-fashioned stove-top percolator.

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Ayurella Horn-Muller