[Film Threat] My Erotic Body

We see a collation of shots of women of all shapes and sizes swinging around a pole, bodies accentuated with red lighting, set to an intense beat that climbs up to a climactic crescendo. Beck is our narrator, driving the story along, dropping in to add meaning to a sequence. This type of narrative technique appears often as the story progresses, accompanied by plenty of behind-the-scenes peeks into a close-knit community of women preparing for classes.

Stylistically, there’s nothing wrong with this plot device, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Michael Moore said it best – “[people] want the truth, and they want to be entertained.” My Erotic Body reveals a whole lot of passion and something new, but in terms of entertainment, it could do with a bit more flair and livelihood. The subject matter is fresh and opens the blinds on a topic that tends to be taboo, but it doesn’t necessarily grab you, nor does it promise to achieve a reach past a viewing base of women. Rather, it plays off as an ode to a form of dance and a movement meant for one gender; seemingly not open to the idea of remedying the image of pole dancing for all.

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Ayurella Horn-Muller