[Film Threat] Antiquities

Self-discovery is a journey we all take part in, in one way or another. Whether or not we set out with finding ourselves as a clear target, or we blunder our way to an evolved sense of being, growth, alongside change, is inevitable. There exists varying catalysts for our individual paths of development, some of which can include tragedy, and how we deal with the ensuing pain.

Not much else can impact as profoundly as the death of a loved one, which we see first-hand in Daniel Campbell’s comedy Antiquities. A quirky approach to an offbeat tale, Antiquities delivers a touching story of a man who steps into the shoes of his deceased father to learn more about himself. The feature delivers on many fronts; the high points being exemplary performances by a well-rounded cast and inventive methods of tackling tender topics with light-hearted zeal. Where there are such highs, there are swooping lows, however, as the tempo of the story leaves much to be desired.

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Ayurella Horn-Muller