[New Times Broward-Palm Beach] Florida Voters Agree on One Thing: Pre-Trial Detention Takes Advantage of the Poor

Broward County resident Herman Lindsey has gone to jail six times because of his inability to pay the bonds set for his release. On one occasion in the '90s, his bail was set to $50. At the time, Lindsey had no feasible means to resolve it. He wound up in jail for two weeks for an unpaid traffic citation.

"I didn't have a bank account, I didn't have cash, I couldn't get anyone to go to get me the money. It was just a traffic ticket." Lindsey also recalls having spent up to three months in pre-trial detention following that incident because he couldn't afford similar bond amounts.

(Read the full article via the New Times Broward-Palm Beach here: https://www.browardpalmbeach.com/news/midterm-elections-2018-florida-voters-demand-pre-trial-detention-reform-10000528)

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