[Miami New Times] Fifteen Push-ups and a Shot of Tequila: How DJing Duo GTA Get Pumped

Ah, tequila, burning like a raging inferno of poor decisions as it glides down the gullet. But the blue agave beverage isn't used only by college kids for nights of debauchery. Fifteen pushups and a shot of 1942 Don Julio are the winning ingredients behind GTA’s success onstage.

"It helps to get a little blood flowing — gets you all hyped up," explains Matt Toth, half of the dynamic DJ duo that makes up Good Times Ahead, or GTA. Julio Mejia is the other half, and he says the routine is a way to chill right before a set. "We started doing it during the Rihanna tour," Mejia recalls. "We were so nervous about playing to these huge crowds for the first time, trying to think of things we could do to shake out the nerves and stuff."

(Read the full article via the Miami New Times: https://www.miaminewtimes.com/music/miami-dj-duo-gta-releases-latest-ep-la-nueva-clasica-10841921)

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