[New Times Broward-Palm Beach] "Impossible" Wages Keep Broward Airport Employees Working Through the Holidays

Every Thanksgiving, Stevenson Tibel shows up at Fort Lauderdale International Airport for his work as a wheelchair attendant; a job that pays him so little he can't afford to miss a single shift.

On a day of family and celebration, Tibel will be working while his wife and ten-year-old son are eating Thanksgiving dinner, just like he has for the past six years. He has no other choice but to work through the holiday. "I don't have vacation pay, I don't have days off, I don't have sick day pay... I'm just working to survive."

(Read the full article via the New Times here: https://www.browardpalmbeach.com/news/low-broward-living-wage-forces-airport-employees-to-work-through-the-holidays-10091466?fbclid=IwAR13t7KT3khAYJ7dYpLTGI6pUPdnUImSb07FuE3QGKFywK5bZi4y_NRmXsY)

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