[Miami New Times] Daniel Chimowitz' Fashion Art Is Not Made for the Young, Tall, and Pretty

It's 10 in the morning, and Daniel Chimowitz already simmers with energy. He speaks with an impassioned flair that accentuates a hint of a twangy West Coast accent. (The London-born international artist and fashion designer grew up in San Francisco.) Mere minutes in conversation with Chimowitz pass before a moment of reckoning dawns on his companion: People who find themselves in the artist's company never grow bored.

Chimowitz's audacious, engaging charisma complements an equally daring creative repertoire. "Style is for yourself. When I dress, I only try to make myself grow. I don’t care what anyone thinks about what I’m wearing," Chimowitz proclaims, "because that's all that fashion should be about — taking risks for yourself."

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